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We produce a complete range of tailor-made products, manufactured with the greatest quality and service.

Transformed materials: Rubbers: EPDM, NR (Natural Rubber), SBR; IR; CR (Neoprene®); NBR; NBR; FKM (Viton®); Silicones, etc... Thermo-plastics and plastics.

Vision and Mission

Mission: ”At Massana Perez S.A (MAPSA) we are committed to our clients’ success, procuring products with added value for them, creating specific solutions for a variety of products and applications, and providing service and service appropriate for each need. At MAPSA, we are dedicated to transforming all sorts of compact and sponge rubber through extrusion and moulding, plastic and thermoplastic injection, die cutting and finishes, optimising processes and managing them under standard ISO 9001:2008. Our goal is to be the preferred partner and provider for all companies needing tailor-made products.”

Vision: “By specialisation in preparing tailor-made products requiring a combination of different productive processes, MAPSA has placed itself as a reference point. In each case, our clients' needs are satisfied, supplying our products as per the agreed-upon conditions of quality, delivery deadline, transportation and handling safety. We stand out due to innovation and continuous improvement in all that we do. Our vision is included in our Quality Policy, a declaration of MAPSA’s commitments”.


Mapsa’s code of conduct

Legal fulfilment

  • We fulfil laws from applicable legal system(s)

Prohibition of corruption and bribery

  • We do not tolerate or participate in corruption or bribery in any way

Respect for employees’ human rights

  • We promote equal opportunity for employees and equal treatment, regardless of skin colour, race, nationality, social origin, sexual orientation, political or religious convictions, sex or age.
  • We respect personal dignity, privacy and the rights of every individual
  • We refuse to employ or make any individual work against their will
  • We refuse to tolerate an unacceptable treatment of an employee, such as: mental aggression, sexual harassment or discrimination.
  • We forbid behaviours, including gestures, language and physical contact, with sexual, coercive, threatening, abusive or exploitative content.

Prohibition of child labour

  • We do not employ any worker under the legally established minimum age

Health and safety of workers

  • We take reasonable measures to prevent accidents and workplace sicknesses
  • We provide training and ensure that employees are educated insofar as health and safety are concerned
  • We have established a workplace safety and health system

Environmental protection

  • We minimise environmental pollution
  • We use a reasonable environmental management system

Supply chain

  • We meet non-discrimination principles regarding selection and treatment of providers


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