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We produce a complete range of tailor-made products, manufactured with the greatest quality and service.

Transformed materials: Rubbers: EPDM, NR (Natural Rubber), SBR; IR; CR (Neoprene®); NBR; NBR; FKM (Viton®); Silicones, etc... Thermo-plastics and plastics.


MAPSA is a sub-contracting industry, founded in 1961. Experience and continuous improvement endorse us in transforming a wide range of tailor-made products for different sectors.

At MAPSA, we are receptive and flexible to the needs of a global, constantly evolving market. This is why our services are required by internationally leading companies, and why we serve our products all around the world.

The scope of sectors requiring our products is continually growing: Automotive, containers, electric, electronic, chemical, renewable energies... we are prepared to serve all sectors with their tailor-made product needs, transforming with extrusion and moulding all sorts of compact and sponge rubber, plastic and thermoplastic injection, die-cuts and finishes.

We have processes for:

  • Producing mixtures adjusted to client specifications in large and small quantities
  • Extrude
  • Mould
  • Handle

These capabilities allow us to offer specific solutions, combining processes at competitive prices and with reduced delivery timeframes.

C/ Brasil, 15 · 08754 El Papiol · (Barcelona) Spain

41.4340702, 2.0062457

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C/ Brasil, 15
08754 El Papiol 
(Barcelona) Spain 

41.4340702, 2.0062457

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