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Neoprene / Chloroprene (CR)

Neoprene homopolymer of chlorobutadiene and is unusual in that it is moderately resistant to both petroleum oils and weather (ozone, UV, oxygen). This qualifies neoprene uniquely for certain sealing applications where many other materials would not be satisfactory. Neoprene is classified as a general purpose elastomer which has relatively low compression set, good resilience and abrasion, and is flex cracking resistant.
Neoprene has excellent adhesion qualities to metals for rubber to metal bonding applications.
It is used extensively for sealing refrigeration fluids due to its excellence resistance to Freon® and ammonia.

Primary Uses

O-rings, rubber seals and custom molded rubber components for:
» refrigeration industry applications
» general purpose seals, hose and wire

Temperature Range (dry heat)

Low: -40 °F / - 40 °C

High: 250 °F / 121 °C

Application Advantages

» moderate resistance to petroleum oils
» good resistance to ozone, UV, oxygen
» excellence resistance to Freon® and ammonia

Application Disadvantages

» moderate water resistance
» not effective in solvents environments


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